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Nutrition is a fast paced and exciting area of science and has become increasingly prominent in recent years as the world struggles to deal with the effects of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease to name but a few. Unfortunately the drastic need for nutritional information and advice lends itself all too well to pseudo-science, myths, misunderstandings and media hype which makes it incredibly difficult to form a healthy relationship with food. 

The WrinklyPepper mission is to untangle the confusing jargon and hype around food, diet and nutrition in a way people can really relate to. Our articles may take a conversational approach to a plethora of subjects but make no mistake - credible scientific evidence is at the forefront of our minds. Of course, even science can be muddied with politics and agendas and wherever possible we always try to present information in as unbiased and balanced a way as possible - helping you make informed decisions about your nutrition and health. 

We don't subscribe to any particular diet philosophy as this would limit us as nutritionists and we know all too well how quickly popular "fad" diets go in and out of fashion. Instead we believe in a 'common sense' approach to what we eat and like to encourage confidence and enthusiasm for food, where it comes from, and how it influences health.

Christopher Maddison BSc (Hons) ANutr 

Christopher is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University, UK and holds an honours degree in nutrition. Working in food and nutrition since 2007, Christopher has researched and written numerous articles for WrinklyPepper, appeared on BBC radio and has been profiled by the United Nations World Food Programme for his promotion of the vital humanitarian work the organisation undertakes. Being both gluten and lactose intolerant himself, Christopher has a particular interest in food sensitivities and coeliac disease together with migraine, weight gain and the more specialist areas of malnutrition and humanitarian emergency nutrition. 

Holding a bachelors degree and having trained under highly respected nutritionists and medical practitioners, Christopher firmly believes in evidence based nutrition whilst retaining an open mind and respecting a person's right to choose. 

A pianist and violinist, Christopher also has a background in music and the creative arts and still continues to write and produce music in his spare time when not cooking in the kitchen. 

A bit of background 

WrinklyPepper was created in 2007 by Christopher Maddison to provide comprehensive and accurate information about food intolerance and its associated conditions together with information about the benefits of nutrition as a form of medicine. With the support of IT specialist Piero Stallo and nutritional consultant Lisanne Davidson the original website received over 3 million visitors who not only had an interest in food intolerance but expressed a need for information about the wider implications of good nutrition. Since then WrinklyPepper has evolved to meet the growing need for accurate information about food, diet and nutrition.  


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