A new approach to fighting hunger

Food is an amazing force, it is a giver of life, a canvas for creativity and a catalyst for a social lives. If together we can harness the exuberance, creativity and sense of identity people associate with food, we can tap into a powerful positive force for change.

WeFeedback is the world's largest community for sharing food and changing lives and uses the power of social media to enlist help from all corners of the globe to fight against the chronic hunger and malnutrition which burdens families all over the world.

So how does it work?

WeFeedback is probably one of the simplest ways ever to help fight hunger in a fun, interactive way where you and your friends and family can see the difference your feedback is making in real-time. 

Simply choose your favourite food or meal, pop it in the feedback calculator along with the estimated cost and then calculate how many hungry children it will feed. The next step is to donate exactly that amount and by doing so you are effectively sharing your favourite food or meal with hungry children across the world.

Thanks to your feedback we've managed to feed over 1000 children so far! 


Tell the world

Once you've fed back why not go one step further and start your own WeFeedback network at WeFeedback.org - This is a great way to get all of your own friends and family to support a cause you believe in. WeFeedback is part of the World Food Programme's Billion for a Billion campaign which encourages the billion people online to help feed the billion people on the planet who go to bed hungry each night so don't forget to share the WeFeedback initiative via all of your favourite social networking sites like, facebook and twitter!  

Put up a poster

You can reach even more people by printing off one or all of the WrinklyPepper WeFeedback posters - perfect for notice boards, class rooms and those times when you want to tell people about WeFeedback but you're away from your computer. Simply click your chosen poster below to open a PDF copy ready for printing. 
 (Window's users may require Adobe reader to open these files which can be downloaded here